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SA198 Adjustable Binder Foot Brother `

Manufacturer #:SA198

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Be sure to read the instruction sheet included with the binder foot. This foot has a clear plastic tape guide for bias or straight grain tape. By adjusting this guide you can sew various widths of double folded tape ranging from ¼” to ¾” (5mm to 20mm). You can also sew single layers such as ribbon by inserting directly into the lower slot on the foot. The adjustment screw at the back adjusts the foot from side to side, bringing it closer or further away from the needle. The adjustment screw on the side is used to adjust the opening for different widths of tape and trim. It is important that the trim is snug but still moves freely through the foot. The fabric layer to be bound needs to go into the center slot and must not be too thick. Batting is trimmed from the seam allowance to eliminate bulk in this pro


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